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[Hoa Kỳ] Chuyến đi truyền giáo của Mục sư Ock Soo Park đến Hoa Kỳ (5) – San Antonio


Mục sư Ock Soo Park và nhóm của ông đã đến San Antonio bằng máy bay vào ngày 15 (thứ Ba) và bắt đầu một lịch trình mới.

Mục sư Ruben Mendez, người đã làm việc với CLF sau khi được cứu trong khi tham dự lễ hội Christmas Cantata trong 7 năm, và Gene Loeffler, chủ tịch của Lighthouse Prayer International (LPI), được kết nối thông qua hội nghị CLF vào tháng 3.) đến thăm nhiều mục sư ở San Antonio nói, “Tôi rất vinh dự vì tôi tớ Chúa đã đến thăm San Antonio. Tôi muốn chuẩn bị mọi thứ để chúng tôi đến gặp mục sư dưới sự hướng dẫn của Chúa ”.
Một buổi biểu diễn của dàn hợp xướng trước cuộc phỏng vấn tại Lighthouse Prayer International (LPI).

Many first-time job seekers fail to understand that the hiring process is also very stressful on the hiring side. Employers screen dozens — often hundreds — of résumés, spend countless hours choosing applicants to interview, devote a considerable amount of time to on-site interviews, and then select an applicant to hire. By this point employers are extremely invested in the chosen candidate. So even entry-level candidates have some bargaining power.

Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every part of your life in an instant.

Tony Robbins American Author

Success does not happen on its own. It is not something you can wish for and it will show up. You need to bring your idea of success to life. In order to make significant movement forward in business you must be able to count on yourself to produce the actions which are necessary for your evolvement, achievement and success. With the proper motivation you can achieve every goal you set. You can have all the knowledge and skill in the world, but if you are not driven by your belief in what you are doing, by a deeply felt passion to make a difference, then you will not have anything strong.

In order to change any circumstance in your life you must first be able to accept the situation as it is. This law is important because you suffer the most when you cannot accept reality as it is. If reality is not suitable, you have the power to make the decisions which will create the necessary changes. It is easy to get stuck in wanting a certain circumstance to be the answer when clearly it is not. If you cannot move beyond trying to make something have a potential it isn’t capable of manifesting then you cannot not thrive. Know when to accept and let go. Place your feet in a new direction and focus on what you can change. New directions bring new opportunities.

How you can use this for language learning?

  • Get a set of flashcards for memorizing vocabulary or grammar.
  • Master the hard pinch to activate your body’s threat response.
  • Review a category of flash cards. Don’t pinch yourself at this stage.
  • Review the same category, now adding the pinch for each vocabulary word.
  • Spend some time studying the card before moving to the next one.

Despite the challenging economy during the past decade, good talent is still hard to find and valued by employers. Furthermore, most employers purposely leave some slack in the salary that they offer, anticipating a negotiation. Failing to do so leaves that extra money on the table. Plus, salary isn’t the only negotiable item: Tuition reimbursement, work schedule, relocation reimbursement, and initial job assignment are some examples of additional negotiable items. Consider what matters most for your career and negotiate those issues.

By negotiating, you’ve shown your employer that you are willing to be assertive and that you know how to negotiate — a valuable skill. You may also learn a few things during the negotiation that will be helpful for future negotiations. Use it as an opportunity to under more about how salaries are determined and how decisions are made in your new organization. Negotiation skills are crucial for your career success, so don’t buy into these myths. If you do your homework and negotiate for what you want.

This presumption often holds women back from negotiating, and it isn’t necessarily true. Of course, negotiating in an aggressive and overbearing manner is not advisable — that is true for both men and women. However, positive, cooperative, and problem-solving strategies are effective for getting a good deal and for building a positive relationship with your counterpart.

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